The umbrella term used throughout the social sciences to describe a person’s conception and expression of their individuality or group affiliation (such as national identity and cultural significance). The word identity is a term more specifically applied in the realms of phycology and sociology and is also used in respect of “place identity”.

This body of work (mixed media) explores the extensive theme of MY personal identity from the distinct perspective of “the mask wearer”. Wearing masks has played a major role in all sections of global society since the time of primitive man. Although, the specific use, meaning and cultural/ spiritual importance and significance can “and most times does” vary greatly from one’s nationality and or tribe to another.

All (as individuals or society) human beings (western or otherwise), possess a closet full of masks. All these masks serve a different purpose (or so we have been lead to believe), which we use at different times for different people to achieve a myriad of goals and objectives in everyday life.

Love/ hate, approval/ disapproval, happy/ angry, Legal/ illegal, good/ evil, birth/ death.

The list is endless!