Australian Contemporary Mixed-media Artist

Sitting holding painting

Brett Stockwell was born and raised in the city of Queensland, Australia and now lives in a small rural district of Brightview, located in the beautiful Scenic Rim of the Lockyer Valley.

Brett started drawing, painting and sculpting from his early childhood years and continued with distinctions throughout his schooling years which culminated at the age of fourteen in his work being selected for a Nationwide competition in which he won. His winning prize was an all expenses paid journey to Hong Kong in which he represented Australian Youth in an Abassodorial role, mixing amongst Hong Kong’s political EIite of the time (1983). A qualified hairdresser by trade, Brett’s first and for most passion has always been his art. He has been painting for decades but as far as a career is concerned, probably for the last 25 years. He is currently completing his degree in fine art where he studies at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane.

Brett’s use and knowledge of a large range of media is both vast and thorough. Everything from gel pens to spray cans and everything in-between can possibly be found all in any one piece. Nothing, in the way of media in any one piece of his work, is out of the question resulting in remarkably unique outcomes on the surface. Brett’s life story is a very full one of which has been a combination of extreme highs and lows. His battle with with numerous serious mental conditions as well as Brett’s addictions to alcohol and illicit drugs (now 6 years clean and sober), and his general life experiences, throughout these many testing years of his life are the basis for much of Brett’s project’s today. These projects currently apply to identity and the frailty of the human condition. Critically, his work has been judged to be of a similar style to the Art Brut Movement of the twenty century (low brow or outsider art) as it is commonly known. In concluding, please feel free to explore this collection of images displayed on my website, if you like anything you see or have something in mind that you like to commission me to work with you on an personal and private level, together we can bring that special memory time, person, place or something of great importance to you or your family to life, on whatever surface we choose, then I would love to hear from you, please contact me via my website or through my enquiries page.